Faculty Satisfaction with the Poynter Library 2011/2012

Every year, the Library surveys faculty to find out if they are satisfied with the Library. Are they satisfied with the print and the electronic collections? Do they get the help they need from library faculty and other library staff? This year’s survey showed a 98% approval rating from faculty for overall library service, with almost all services and collections being rated from 90% to 100% by the faculty using them.

The chart below shows a summary of their rankings for some of the major library services available to USFSP faculty.

.Because of ongoing disputes between USFSP and USF System on the fee paid for electronic resources (now resolved thanks to Interim Chancellor Hogarth), faculty were also asked to rate how a hypothetical significant reduction in the library’s electronic resources would affect their teaching, research, and decision to remain at USFSP:

  • 72% said that a reduction in library electronic resources would Very Significantly or Significantly affect their teaching
  • 86% said that a reduction would Very Significantly or Significantly affect their research
  • 54% said that this would influence their decision to remain here at USFSP

This data from faculty helped the Poynter Library to make the case to Dr. Hogarth that these resources were vitally important to the faculty (and students) and that we needed to pay the System for our share of them.

Selected positive comments from College faculty about the Library:

  • I cannot do my research without a library and most important, librarians.  My students need help with their work as well.
  • I would like to specifically praise the quick response time of the A/V support personnel.  They are right there as soon as you call to help out when something isn’t working properly.
  • Please do not reduce library budget…The Library is a treasure trove and a lifeblood of any educational institution
  • I believe that the library faculty and staff are without exception the most effective group on campus.
  • The library events and exhibits humanize the campus and bring us together.  Finally, I  think that the library forums for sharing faculty research are the most effective on campus.

We are gratified that faculty are generally very satisfied with the Library’s services and we appreciate the many positive comments received.

Selected negative comments from College faculty:

  • More money for services and staff.
  • I would like to get help from an instructional designer for my online class.
  • Please make the library website more intuitive /easier to use.  It is very difficult to understand why some things are classified the way they are.
  • I would like to suggest that faculty be able to complete an online survey / offer feedback after each and every library instruction done for our students.

Regarding the negative comments above:

  • I am happy to report that the our budget requests were given serious consideration this year by Interim Chancellor Hogarth and that we will be able to fill two vacancies and will have a slight increase to our operating budget. Thank you to the faculty and to Vice Chancellor Noonan and Regional Chancellor Hogarth for their support of the Library and its contribution to the academic success of USFSP.
  • Instructional designers are available to help with online classes according to a process coordinated by the Division of Academic Affairs at: http://www1.usfsp.edu/academics/
  • We are working on redesigning the library website based on user feedback and hope to unveil the new design shortly
  • We have already implemented surveys to gather feedback as a routine part of every library instruction class

If you would like to read a more complete analysis of the survey results, you may find them in the USFSP digital archive at: http://dspace.nelson.usf.edu/xmlui/handle/10806/4732


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