Open sesame!

This week (October 22-28, 2012) is Open Access Week, a week when the worldwide academic and research community celebrates the open access movement and works to increase awareness of faculty, students, and the general public of the benefits – immediate and potential — of Open Access.

Open Access (OA) literature has been defined by Peter Suber, a world-renowned expert on the topic, as:

USFSP has an open access digital archive established in March 2011 and hosted by the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library at The first such archive established within the USF System, the USFSP Digital Archiveis is for the faculty, students and staff of the University of South Florida St. Petersburg to publish, deposit, archive, and share journals, conference or other presentations, pre and post-print articles, instructional resources, student projects, theses, dissertations, and university archival materials. The archive currently has more than 4700 items, including:

Open Access is one part of a growing open worldwide movement that encourages the free sharing of the world’s knowledge. Whether through Open source software, Open access (to research), Open data, Open content, Open courseware, or Open educational resources, the world’s researchers, government and private funding agencies, and taxpayers are pushing for anyone anywhere to be able to get the data and information they need to live and learn successfully.

Check out the USFSP Digital Archive and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you can find.


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