The Redesign Continues

You will have seen more work underway in the fall of 2013 and the spring of 2014 to continue the transformation of the library into the kind of space we’ve heard that students want and need. In the fall, we officially opened the Jeanne and Bill Heller Scholars’ Lounge, a glass-enclosed quiet space on the first floor. This was possible thanks to the generous donation of funds from Dean of Education Bill Heller and his wife Jeanne and reflects their love of the students of USFSP and their belief that libraries are central to any academic endeavor.

    Scholars' Lounge

This spring, we have been given some additional funds from the University, supplemented by money from private donors, to purchase more furnishings. You will have noticed the newest additions to the library’s redesign: more technology-enhanced furnishings on the first, second and third floors, as well as some additional whiteboards.

    First floor workstation

There are new multi-seat workstations designed to provide comfortable work space for plugging in and connecting to wherever you need, as well as some new collaboration stations for group work. We are increasing the number of seats in the library, as well as seats that increase access to power. The first phase of the furniture has arrived, but we are still in the process of getting all the power and data connected.

    Second floor workstation

We have more changes coming. There will be more comfortable easy chairs – like those we already acquired last year for the first floor – strategically placed on the second and third floors.

We have moved an important collection in support of the College of Education’s teacher training programs into a spot with other collections on the second floor. The collection of books, kits, games, and media that teachers in training need to design their classroom experiences are now shelved appropriately and more easily accessible.

    Juvenile Fiction and Curriculum Collection

The second floor reading room of Instructional Media Services and Distance Learning is due for a significant redesign, starting with modifying old-style passive listening and viewing rooms to active video-creation spaces for students and faculty.

The guiding principles are to design spaces that are flexible and that support today’s students and today’s curricula. The library is not just an archive any longer – it is an active, collaborative space where we intend for all users to make connections with the resources and the people they need to be successful lifelong learners.

Read about earlier renovations here Library as Social Space


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