MyStudio Booth

The Library is moving forward with a new tool to enable students and faculty to create their own video content for online classes and other work. We are repurposing one of the former listening/viewing rooms in the Instructional Media Services and Distance Learning suite to carry out a test of this new service that we are calling MyStudio. The MyStudio Booth is a simple one button video recording setup that will capture a video image of the person as well as a computer display such as a Powerpoint presentation. MyStudio will allow users to create high-quality video projects without having to know anything about video cameras or editing. Faculty, staff or students will enter the room and insert their USB thumb drive into a Crestron HD recorder. After loading their presentation up on the computer, they simply hit the RECORD button. When finished, the user will hit the STOP button and remove the thumb drive. When the users exit the room, they will have a high quality HD MP4 video in hand to upload to Canvas or to play back in a classroom.

Our inspiration for this was a desire to enable students and faculty to create their own high-quality online content without the need for intervention or assistance by staff. Other institutions, such as Penn State with their One Button Studio, have invested in such technology on a large scale. While we don’t have the financial resources of a large institution, we do have talented and creative staff to enable us to support our students and faculty in the ways that they need today.

MyStudio can be used for practicing presentations for class, recording a lecture, conducting a mock job interview, or creating an online learning module. Stay tuned for the official opening of this new service with a day of special events to kick off a student video creation contest.


One thought on “MyStudio Booth

  1. Fantastic, we looked at the crestron boxes for the One Button Studio at Penn State but decided to go a different direction. I’d love to hear what your experience with this setup is like and how it all works.



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