Banned Books and Censorship

September 21-27, 2014 is Banned Books Week, a time when libraries around the world celebrate the freedom for anyone, anywhere, to read what they want. To commemorate Banned Books Week, library faculty, staff, and students have designed an exhibit that showcases some of the books that have been restricted, removed, or challenged at schools and libraries across the United States.

The American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom maintains lists of books that have been challenged and explains the controversies surrounding some of these books. Restrictions on books come from religious organizations, governments, parents, people with different points of view – from people and groups all over the world. The attempt to control what people think (by restricting their access to information and ideas) is a worldwide phenomenon. Almost everyone can point to a book or a website or a TV news station or a film that they find personally offensive. But, as I’ve explained in this space before, libraries in North America are committed to the principle of providing full access to all legal information.

Come to the Poynter Library and explore the world. We will help you find and utilize the information you want and need for your studies, research, and personal enjoyment.


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